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Installation Instructions


This document contains instructions for those who have downloaded the
slowmo source code and want to install it on their system.  

Supported Platforms

The development platform for slowmo is a Debian Linux system, but
slowmo is written in Python so it should be portable to other systems.


To install from source do the following:

  # Unpack source code in a directory of your choice. If you downloaded 
  the .tar.gz file on a Unix/Linux machine

    tar zxvf slowmo.tar.gz

  or if you downloaded the .zip file

    unzip slowmo.zip

  If you downloaded one of the files on another operating system
  please use the tool you normally use for extracting compressed

  After unpacking slowmo you should change to the slowmo directory. If you
  want to do a standard install (which normally requires root or
  administrator privileges) simply type:

    python setup.py install

  It is also possible to install slowmo in your home directory. This can
  be done if you do not want to install slowmo system-wide or you do not
  have root access. Simply type

    python setup.py install --home=

  where  is the directory you want to install slowmo in.

Note on upgrading from a previous version of slowmo

The names and locations of the source and data files included in slowmo 
have been changed in this version of slowmo. If you are upgrading from 
an old version of slowmo it is therefore recommended that you remove
the old slowmo file /usr/data/etopo5.nc and all files in the directories
/usr/data/slowmo and /usr/lib/python/site-packages/slowmo

On Windows the locations of the data files are different. Please search 
for the files and remove them.


Please see the README file.

Required Libraries

First you need a Python installation from:


Slowmo also uses numarray:


For some grid handling and plotting slowmo uses the matplotlib
package and the matplotlib-toolkits basemap package:


Optional Library

If you want to run the tsunami webserver you will also need the
CherryPy package:


Experience on various operating systems

Debian Linux
I have installed the packages using "python setup.py install" to
get the newest packages. The matplotlib and cherrypy packages are
rapidly developing. If you are using apt-get to install these packages
they might be too old to run the slowmo tsunami application.

Please tell me about it (jesperlarsen@users.sourceforge.net). 

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